Hispanic Students' Dental Association at Columbia University Medical Center

The Hispanic Students' Dental Association from Columbia University Medical Center made a visit to CHAH's 6th graders on Tuesday, March 10th.


Our students learned about dental hygiene, how to brush and floss correctly, and how often to visit your dentist. Students received goodie bags and healthy snacks, but that’s nothing compared to the pearly smiles they’ll have for the rest of their lives!

Then, on Wednesday, April 1 the students visited the dentists-to-be at their school at the College of Dental Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center.


The Hispanic Students' Dental Association invited the students to tour the dental school and share in a lunch.


The highlight of the trip was seeing the pre-clinic labs, where dental students practice their dental procedures with real tools on dummies with fake teeth.  Maybe someday one of our students will be cleaning your teeth in their own dental office!