9th Graders Visit Washington, D.C.!

Last week, CHAH 9th graders visited Washington, D.C.! The students met at the school at the crack of dawn, 5:00am, and returned at 11:30 pm. 

"It was a long day but was extremely enjoyable and educational," Mr. King, their US History teacher, said.

The main purpose of the trip was to supplement what the students are in learning in Mr. King's United States History class.  The trip made the history come alive.  

Starting with The White House, the students saw where The President lives and works.  They were also able to see other aspects of America's democracy.  In front of The White House was a protest against nuclear weapons.  The protesters have had people there every day since March of 1981. The class had just covered the nuclear arms race so they were able to make a lot of connections to what the protesters spoke about.


After that students visited two Smithsonian Museums on The Mall: The American History Museum and the Air and Space Museum. The President's exhibit in The American History Museum and the table from the famous Greensboro sit ins were highlights as well as seeing the remains of Sputnik, the Russian satellite.  These topics had also been covered in class and the students were fascinated to see the real thing. 


After lunch we had an excellent tour of The U.S. Capitol building where students saw where the laws of America were made.


The final stop was at the Lincoln Monument and The Korean and Vietnam Memorials.

This educational trip allowed the students to make real-world connections to what they learn in the classroom.  And that, ultimately, is what education is all about.