College Trip to Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY!

This week, CHAH students took a college trip to Mercy College!

They took the Metro-North on the Hudson line to Dobbs Ferry New York.  For many it was their first time riding on the Metro-North New Hudson Line!

Next Stop, Ardsley-on-Hudson.

Kristen and Jishanny discovered their inner clowns!

Once they arrived at Mercy College, Meredith Gallagher the Assistant Director of Admissions greeted the students and provided them with a tour of the campus.

The Mercy College Business Department utilizes the active learning model. It's equipped with all the latest software and databases currently used.   They even have a running NASDAQ/NYSE running ticker tape!  The Music Tech Lab particularly impressed our aspiring musicians.  For those who wish to pursue sketching, graphic design, or gaming-animation, the Art Lab was incredible!

The food to fuel the brains at Mercy College was delicious.  Then it was time to listen and lounge.  Jishanny asked about meal plans and Kristen asked about tuition expenses. 

All in all, it was an informative, fun, and beautiful day at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry!