6th Graders Go Camping in Massachusetts!

This spring, the sixth grade had the chance to take two camping trips to the Manice Education Center in Florida, Massachusetts from May 11- May 13 and May 27- May 29.

Manice Education Center gives students from New York City the chance to bring the classroom outdoors and learn about the environment and explore nature with hands-on activities and team building exercises.

Educators from Manice visited our science classroom weekly, during a 7-week exploratory program that went from February through March. At the end of the program, students were invited to go on a 3-day camping trip to learn about ecology and wilderness survival.

Students went canoeing to learn about water safety.  They also learned about food waste and gardening, went hiking and engaged in many other activities with trained counselors and CHAH teachers. 

The trip has become a favorite of the sixth grade teachers and students and we were so happy to have the majority of students participate this year.  If a tree falls in the woods, maybe a CHAH student will be there to hear it!