Monday is Run Day for CHAH Students and Staff

The first ever CHAH Spring Running Club has started with a bang! The only rules of the club? Do your best and encourage one another. (And don't get hit by bikers!)

Only in its second week of existence, the club already has over twenty members. In addition, teachers Ms. Peña and Mr. Dickhudt have joined. It is a fantastic way to build school spirit and drive CHAH's community health mission forward.

"This club is a great way for fall and winter athletes to cross train," says Ms. Svenson, the club advisor. "But that's not why it exists-- I created the running club to get students outside, active, setting goals, and improving their health without fear of judgement or intimidation. I was never an athlete in high school because I was unfit and too scared to try. I would have loved a club like this!"

So far, the students have been having a blast. "I'm really sore, but I feel great!" said 11th grader Yadelin.

Students run two miles along the Hudson River, with the magnificent George Washington Bridge in view. They also learn to warm up, cool down, and stretch to stay injury-free.

All 8th-12th grade CHAH students are welcome to join the weekly Monday runs. For more information, you can contact Ms. Svenson at