Students Attend the Annual New Visions College Fair at Baruch!

A group of CHAH students were able to attend the Annual Spring New Visions College Fair at Baruch College in downtown Manhattan this week!  Over 55 colleges and universities were present.   The students were able to gather information about activities, majors and campus life and explore their options for life after they graduate.

Diana Mendez said, “The college fair gave me an insight on what requirements I need to get into college regarding test scores and in helped me get exposed to more colleges.”

Her friend Josiel Bonilla agreed.  “Many different colleges and provided more information about all the factors that are relevant about picking the perfect school suited for me,” he said.

It was a very fun and informative trip for everyone.  But to 11th grader Andrelyn Reyes, the event provided both a sense of direction and relief.  She explained, “It was such a great experience and gave me a boost of confidence because there is a college out there for me that will have my major and that will have diversity.  Today's college fair gave me a sense of relief because I got to compare and contrast many SUNY and CUNY schools and know I’ll be able to find the right fit for me.”