CHAH Celebrate's Our Schools, Teachers, and The UFT!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and, here at CHAH, we certainly did not forget!  The CHAH administration team, led by Principal Mark House and Assistant Principals David Falciani and Amir Tusher, presented the staff with umbrellas embossed with the CHAH Phoenix logo.  What a perfect appreciation item for this week's wet weather!

Not to be outdone, The UFT Center here at our school, where teachers are free to work and have lunch, came with some food and an interactive PowerPoint Presentation.  CHAH is lucky to be a part of the UFT's Community Learning School Initiative, which has been an important and highly effective collaboration with the UFT. 

Even the UFT President, Michael Mulgrew, weighed in.  “We are the largest and most diverse school system in the entire country...It really is about the respect, the passion and the dignity that you can find in every school in New York City and that we the members of the UFT bring to our children every day," Mulgrew said.

Thanks to all the teachers here at CHAH, and the other schools around New York City, for all the work you do each and every day!