Pumping Iron in the CHAH Fitness Center!

This year, CHAH students will be able to get fit and toned in our school's brand new, state-of-the-art Fitness Center!  The gym includes 12 brand new weight machines for students to get a full body workout!

"It cost our school around $45,000 dollars to have this gym installed," said Principal Mark House.  He added, "but it's totally worth it." 

The brand names on the equipment are Cybex, Hoist, and Nautilus.  All of the machines are top of the line equipment.

Our physical education classes in the gymnasium will be smaller and safer.  The Fitness Center will allow up to 24 students at a time.  Paul DeJesus, the physical education teacher who will be having his classes in the new Fitness Center, said that "this facility will contribute to our idea of a comprehensive physical education and lead to life-long healthy lifestyles for our students."

Lets pump some iron!