CHAH Dance and Music Students go to 'The Lion King' on Broadway!

CHAH students got to see the hit show The Lion King this week at Minskoff Theatre on Broadway.  The Lion King is the longest running Broadway show and the students could understand why.  “It was amazing,” Manuel Irizarry said, “Something that I’ve never seen before.  It was way better than the movie!”

His friend and baseball teammate Kevenz Gonzalez agreed.  “It was remarkable to see the actor’s enthusiasm,” he said.

The field trip was organized by the CHAH dance teacher, Ms. Jacobson, who earned the funding by participating in a mentorship program for dance teachers through the NYC Department of Education.  Ms. Jacobson worked closely with the music teacher, Ms. Calev, on a cross-curricular unit that culminated in the Broadway outing. 

“This is why I became a teacher,” Ms. Jacobson said.  “I’m happy that we got to offer our students an experience like this.  I’m so glad they enjoyed it.”

And enjoy it they did.  10th Grader Emily Leon liked the play for the nostalgic feelings it gave her.  “The performance brought me back to my childhood because it gave me good memories of the movie.”

Her friend, Kharina Cordero, got emotional.  “It was so good that I cried,” she said.  Then added, “In a good way.”