Cop? Nurse? Actor? Massage Therapist? Plumber? It's Career Day at CHAH!

A couple weeks ago, we hosted our annual Career Day here at CHAH.  Over ten speakers came into our classrooms to talk about their work in fields varying from healthcare to entertainment, from law enforcement to massage therapy.  It was an incredible, eye-opening opportunity for the students who never knew, for example, that many people simply slide into their careers by accident or that plumbers make quite a bit of money.

Francisco Nahnny and Johanna Nunez are Registered Nurses who demonstrated how to take a correct blood pressure. 

Mr. McNara is a retired NYPD Police Officer and spoke to students about his experiences as cop.

Lindsay Gregorio is a construction project engineer who spoke to students about working in a field dominated by men.  Her work consists of making sure the "project site is safe for the workers and budgets are met."

Kevin Plybon is a former math teacher from CHAH, who returned to share his experiences about being a technical writer at Promenet, Inc.

Mr. Victor Pena-Bastalla works for Major League Baseball as an information technology technician and travels around the world setting up equipment for international baseball games.

The beauty queen Alice Giannetta Esq, a practicing attorney and the first Asian-American to win the title Mrs. New York, was among our speakers!  She encouraged CHAH students that being an immigrant (she immigrated to the U.S. at age 8 from Taiwan) should not stop them from pursing their dreams.

The students also heard from an actor who's been in television shows with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, a plumber who owns his own business and has over 25 employees, a massage therapist who charges $200 an hour, and a team of millennial public relations consultants who know what's trending on Instagram and Snapchat as much as our students do.