"Looking back at my time in CHAH, I think about home.  It was a place I felt comfortable to be myself and share my future goals with everyone I crossed paths with. In reality, CHAH allowed me to see that college was going to be difficult and that is was up to me to push through in order to truly succeed. People love to blame their high school for doing poorly in college but I would like to thank CHAH for pushing me to do the best I could in order to graduate college this upcoming year. If it weren’t for my guidance counselor Mr. Bowen, I wouldn’t have had the necessary faith to move three hours away from home and grow into the independent lady I am today."

- Chelsea Cabrera, Class of 2012
SUNY - Binghamton University
BA, Sociology

"My time at CHAH meant so much to me. I made my best friends and, as an alumnus of the first graduating class, we have some very special memories. I learned from my teachers and classmates how to become a better student. I learned that no matter how many resources I had, I could strive and do just as well as any other student. I had support from my teachers and other staff at school that students from other schools did not. CHAH was definitely a different school in terms of closeness and support."

- Delaney Arias, Class of 2012
Syracuse University
BA, Journalism

"CHAH means origin to me. Origin in the sense that I found myself in this school.  Before CHAH, my aspirations were lost.  I had no sense of direction.  It was during my 5 years at CHAH that this changed. The staff at CHAH are people that I'll forever hold dear to my heart because they were the ones that helped spark my interest in photography.  Photography became this fire of love and dedication that I have for the craft.  CHAH is responsible for gearing me towards a successful 4 years in college. I never thought I'd achieve such a clear understanding of the direction of my career.  I never thought that I could produce works of art.  CHAH is the origin of everything that I aspire to in life."

- Victor Ferreras, Class of 2012
Onondaga Community College
AA, Photography

“CHAH will always have a special place in my heart. I learned a lot of valuable things that I would not have learned in any other place.   After coming from another country, I did not know what to expect, but I would not trade the years I spent at CHAH for anything. I am thankful for the time I spent there, to be able to learn the foundations for many different things that I have experienced in college. I also learned how to take on great challenges and make a contribution to society by being myself.  I learned how to grow in the ways I think are most important.”

- Niurka Liranzo, Class of 2013
CUNY - Hunter College
BS, Psychology and Chemistry, Pre-Med


CHAH believes in all their students and is determined to steer you in the right path. It is filled with educators who are there for you. Even if you don't know a teacher, they know you and are always willing to help. I look back on my high school experience and wouldn't change anything; the school and the people taught me to learn and grow as a person. Overall, I was taught the importance of community and the growth that comes with it.

- Kristin Clases, Class of 2017
SUNY - Genseo
BA, English




“At CHAH I met some of the most amazing people and I am very proud to say that they’re all still a very big part of my life. Quite honestly, if it hadn’t been for CHAH, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. CHAH helped me become a person that I am: proud of both inside and outside the classroom. Along with offering rigorous and challenging material in the classroom that encourages the development of stellar academic students, it also focuses on creating effective leaders in the community. CHAH’s focus isn’t solely to create powerful minds but also to create powerful character in every student…something I believe every community needs.”

- Jose Disla, Class of 2012
Wheaton College
BA, English
Posse Foundation Scholar

"Community Health Academy of the Heights offered me a challenging and interesting curriculum.  My classmates and I grew together as a family.  We shared a lot of laughs and spread our love whenever we saw someone in need.  Even today, we stand together as a group of graduates from this wonderful school. I took away something really important when I graduated:  never stand still.  Always keep moving forward."

- Nayary Rosario, Class of 2013
CUNY - Lehman College
BS, Nursing

“Before I got there, I never thought CHAH would have made this much impact on my life.  Not only did I meet people that are still some of the most amazing friends anyone can have, but I also met awesome educators who, even through my college years, gave me advice and supported me in my decisions. I truly do not believe that I would have been able to get advice from those teachers as a college Senior had I gone to another high school. Although I did not attend CHAH until my second year of high school, it was my home. Mr. Bowen was my father, Ms. Villa was my mother, Mr. Karp was my cool uncle, and Mr. Noy was the mysterious neighbor I never knew much about. Everyone played a role - from my English teacher to my chemistry teacher. Yes, I learned.  But I learned more than what was in my books. CHAH taught me that everything is not black and white. Things can - and should - be looked at from different perspectives. The educators and my classmates allowed me to go into the college world with an open mind and ready for anything that came my way.” 

- Melody Ovalles, Class of 2012
CUNY - Lehman College
BS, Exercise Science


When I came to CHAH four years ago from the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, I felt confused and lost. I had never been a minority in school before and I found New York City unwelcoming and cold. Throughout my time at CHAH, however, my notions of the city and of knockabout New Yorkers were continually shifted and proved wrong. I'm glad to say that I can call CHAH, its amazing staff, and all of the wonderful friends I made there my family. As I continue my life and academic career outside of New York over the next four years, I know that my experiences at CHAH will be the ones I look back on when things get difficult, giving me the foundation I need to continue creating a healthy and happy life for myself.

- Shori Coggins, Class of 2019
Soka University of America
BA, International Studies