Geriatric Career Development Program (GCD) Participants to get Certified!


Patient Care Technician Class (PCT) has begun!

On Thursday, twenty-two GCD High School Seniors advanced into the Patient Care Technician (PCT) Class. The course is offered through a joint collaboration between GCD and Lehman College. Upon completing the course, participants will be Certified Nursing Assistants & Patient Care Technicians with the ability to read EKG’s and practice phlebotomy (drawing blood). Two CHAH participants photographed above, Laurentino Perez and Scarlet Mercedes, are highly involved in the program. Well done, future CHAH PCTs!

Art Students Visit "On Adornment" Exhibit at Pen + Brush Gallery


This week, CHAH Art students visited the exhibit “On Adornment” and Pen + Brush Gallery on 23rd Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

According to Pen + Brush’s website, the exhibit “features emerging and mid-career artists who are unpacking the concept of adornment, particularly in the context of female imaging and agency, and redefining it in contemporary ways.”

Thank you, Pen + Brush, for hosting this fascinating exhibit!


AP Art Students, "Broken Windows" Policing, and Equity for All


This past week, CHAH AP Art students attended a pop-up art installation that addressed the theory of “broken windows” policing. The “broken windows” theory posits that visible signs of crime, like graffiti and vandalism, create more serious crimes. The theory has been questioned and challenged by many communities, citing improper use of police force on minor infractions.

CHAH Art students debated the pros and cons of the theory, while viewing beautiful art installations.

Later in the week, several of those same art students had their work featured at the annual CLOTH Gala, a fundraising event put on by our partner organization, Community League of the Heights, on the topic of “Equity for All”.


Freshmen and Sophomore Runners Compete and Win at Championships!

This past week, the CHAH Freshmen and Sophomore Cross Country runners competed in the Championships at Van Cortlandt Park in The Bronx. Congratulations to Noah Pereyra, for finishing in the Top 15 and winning yet another medal!

Go CHAH, Go!

CHAH Plays Basketball on Staten Island


The CHAH Boys Basketball team spent all of Saturday at the College of Staten Island Team Camp. The team took the Staten Island Ferry where they saw some of New York's most famous sites-the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Once at the camp, the team played three games against teams from New Jersey, Brooklyn and Staten Island. It was a great experience and we are thankful to the College of Staten Island for including us.

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