CHAH Students' Work Featured in ART2ART: Dear Evan Hansen Program


CHAH students have just participated in ART2ART: Dear Evan Hansen Program. Forty-nine high schools students from 27 public schools across NYC participated in an inactive theater and visual arts workshop that introduces them to the musical, Dear Evan Hansen. The students then made art inspired by the play.

The artwork is displayed throughout the Music Box Theatre, Stacey Mindich Productions' office, and 101 Productions' office.


The students were invited to Sardi's restaurant to celebrate along with several members of the cast and crew.

The Winter participants are Merima Ramdedovic (10th grade) Shori Coggins (11th grade) Bryan Antigua (11th grade) Liz Rodriguez (12th Grade).

CHAH Senior Ailani Cruceta Awarded Posse Scholarship!


On Tuesday January 18th at the New York Times Building in Manhattan, senior CHAH student Ailani Cruceta was awarded the Posse Foundation Scholarship to Trinity College!  The Posse Foundation offers recipients “the opportunity to pursue personal and academic success by placing them in supportive, multicultural teams – Posses – of 10 students.” The scholarship program has been supported by Barak Obama and offers full tuition for four years! 

“It’s exciting because my dreams and aspirations for college came through, all in this one amazing opportunity,” Ailani Cruceta said.

The scholarship process is a rigorous, three-round interview, including a group interview and a meeting with college representatives. Winners receive a four-year, full tuition monetary award as well as support from peers and faculty members to ensure that students graduate on time.


The scholarship comes with some challenges, which Ms. Cruceta looks forward to.  She will attend Trinity College in Hartford.  She says she is “concerned about adjusting to life in college, but because I have this support system built in, I won’t be alone exploring life in Hartford, Connecticut.”  She further noted, “I will always have my Posse.”

According to her guidance counselor, Mr. Bowen, who also nominated Ms. Cruceta to apply to the Posse Foundation, “Ailani endured the stress of the process and the fear of not making it and, ultimately, persevered.” 

Ailani is proud of her time here at CHAH, but looks forward to the next phase of her life.  “Although I’m sad to be leaving CHAH, I’m thrilled to find out what life has to bring and start the next chapter,” she said.


Congratulations from your CHAH family, Ailani!  We are sure you will make us all very proud as a Posse Scholar next year at Trinity College!

Hydroponic Gardens Grown by AP Environmental Science Students!


The APES students designed and engineered their very own hydroponic garden this fall. The materials were purchased with the help of generous donors through the website


The class celebrated their first harvest the last day of class before break. There was plenty of Kale, Lettuce, Swiss chard and Arugula to make salads for everyone in the class. Ms. Clark brought in some local oil and vinegar from Brooklyn. The students experimented with several of the fresh hydroponically grown herbs to make their own original salad dressing recipes. Favorite flavor combinations included lemon with dill and vinegar with basil and thyme. It was a delicious, healthy and earth-friendly celebration!


All of these plants were grown from seeds in the classroom using the Kratky Method. The seeds are planted into a growth medium called rockwool and suspended above water. After the seedlings sprout, nutrients are added to the water to help the plants grow. The roots grow in the water. This method is a fast, sustainable and effective means of growing food because no soil is required and the plants never need to be watered. Urban landscapes can be used for developing food- it just requires a little engineering and creativity.