The Co-Ed Cross-Country Team Hits the Ground Running!

This year’s CHAH Co-Ed Cross-Country Team has really hit the ground running!  With nearly 20 runners, this squad is the largest in the team’s history.  Coaches Svenson and Dickhudt are impressed with the enthusiasm, teamwork, and initiative that the runners are brining to practices and meets everyday. 

The team Captain, Ailani Cruceta said “I really enjoy running” and added that it “looks good on a college resume.”

The team’s Alternate Captain, Kalief Hall said that he continually pushes himself to do better.  “I like the thought of winning,” he explained, “not against the other runners, but against my own personal goals.  I got excited the first time I set a PR [Personal Record]!”

The team has been working hard since September, and not without a few setbacks.  In the Mayor’s Cup race, one runner tweaked her ankle and another was out sick. 

Captain Ailani feels that “As a team, we have to improve our accountability and communication” but that she also looks forward “to working with my teammates to always get better.” 

Run, CHAH!  Run!