Bump...Set...SPIKE! Girl's Volleyball Serves it Up!

The CHAH Girl’s Volleyball Team is doing better than ever before!  It’s their third season, and Mr. King, the school’s Athletic Director, is proud of the team because “They’re working hard and improving everyday.”

A large part of that effort are Coaches Ms. Clark and Ms. Chimilio, who started the team three years ago and continue to inspire and motivate the veterans, as well as the newcomers. 

The girls really enjoy being on the team.  Kanida Stenhouse, a new transfer student to CHAH, says the sport is fun because “It involves a lot of teamwork, effort and communication.  Communication is probably the most important thing in volleyball.”

The team's setter, Jazmin Fernandez, agrees.  “I’m a setter, which I like.  Without the setter, there is no play.”

The team’s powerhouse senior captain, Alyze Rodriguez, thinks that this year’s team is the best so far.  “I like our energy.  We communicate better this year than ever before.  We support each other.”

She added, “Even if we have a bad game, we come together and work to do better the next time.  I’m really proud of this team.  We went from developmental to a whole new level.  I’m looking forward to how the team improves in years to come, even after I graduate. 

C! H! A! … All the way!