Volunteering with The High School Heroes Program

This past week, a select few 11th and 12th graders from CHAH volunteered with The High School Heroes Program.  The program provides high school students the opportunity to become role models by teaching and inspiring elementary students.

Jishanny Quintana said, “My experience as a High School Hero was amazing.  I loved the impact I left on the kids and they loved the lessons.  The time we spent with them was wonderful.”

“I enjoyed working with High School Heroes because I experienced teaching,” Kristin Clases reported.  She added, “I think that my group and I were able to leave an impact on the kids and teach them new things that will stick with them.”

High School Heroes work in teams of 2 or 3 and spend a school day in a local classroom. As teachers for the day, they teach a series of fun and interactive lessons to an elementary school classroom.

Yadelin Fernandez said that the experience made her think about becoming a teacher.  “Being able to participate in high school heroes made my interest of becoming a teacher increase. It was amazing to meet the kids,” she said.