NY State Senator Jackson Visits CHAH

State Senator Elect Robert Jackson visited Community Health Academy of the Heights (CHAH) this week! As a member of the New York City Council, Jackson was instrumental in securing funding to open CHAH. After being greeted by Yvonne Stennett, Executive Director of Community League of the Heights (CLOTH), he was given a tour by CHAH's principal Mark House. Jackson went out of his way to introduce himself to students, staff, and the cafeteria workers during the tour and assure them that his first priority is to make certain that all public schools, particularly in New York City, receive their fair share of financial resources from the New York State government.


Jackson visited several classrooms and was very comfortable interacting with the students - he was seen bobbing his head "to the beat" in a dance class. He queried House about the systems in place at CHAH and their effectiveness. Jackson stated repeatedly that he was very impressed with CHAH's approach to responding to the academic and health needs of its students. All in all, Jackson's visit was an insightful and enjoyable one.