The CHAH Food Ambassadors are Frying Some Really Big Fish!

Food Ambassadors is CHAH's healthy cooking club, where students learn to prepare and enjoy nutritious foods (with the occasional sweet treat!). This is a group where kids not only eat their veggies but REQUEST them!

This week the club made fish tacos with an extra-healthy spin. The fish was baked, which allowed us to use no added fat, and the homemade tortillas contained whole wheat flour to increase the fiber. Our three toppings were full of fresh, colorful produce including corn, tomato, red cabbage, cilantro, red onion, tomatillo, and avocado.

Students are the main chefs in Food Ambassadors, involved in every step of the cooking process, from cutting the vegetables to forming and flipping the tortillas to seasoning and baking the fish.

8th grader Annie Laurie said, "The toppings tasted fresh and gave the whole taco flavor. This was a very tasty and colorful recipe."

9th grader Devon added cayenne pepper to his tacos and said it "tasted good."

8th grader Emily said, "I don't like these fish tacos... I LOVE them!"

10th grader Laura has made many of our recipes at home after learning them at Food Ambassadors.

If you are ever in the building on a Thursday afternoon, just follow the scent of delicious food and come say hi to our healthy chefs-in-training!