Geriatric Career Development Program Visits NY Stem Cell Foundation

There are many different types of medicine a doctor or nurse can practice.  One of the most in-demand jobs for healthcare workers is geriatrics.  Senior citizens need as much care, if not more, as the general population and this field is growing fast.  Some of our students here at CHAH are learning about geriatrics and the high need for dedicated doctors and nurses in the field. 

Since 2006, the Geriatric Career Development (GCD) Program of Jewish Home Lifecare has helped New York City high school students climb career ladders in health care. The GCD Program involves a three year structured work-based learning curriculum, internships, academic support, social services, college test preparation and college and career counseling.

With a 94% retention rate, the GCD program has helped students improve their GPAs, decrease absences and tardiness and achieve better SAT and PSAT scores. Of the 132 GCD Alumni, 90% are working and/or in college. Students entered nursing programs, became certified nursing assistants, licensed pharmacy technicians, emergency medical technicians or pursued other health care careers. 

Impressive, to say the least! 

Many of our students here at CHAH are interested in careers in healthcare.  One of the main goals of GCD is to make that happen and advance the academic and career development of high school students interested in pursuing health care careers through an in-depth educational and internship program in a geriatric long-term health care setting. 

Students are able to contribute to the future health care workforce by increasing their exposure to geriatric health care and promoting the development of skills required for employment. 

Hopefully, this amazing partnership will help our students and our community’s senior citizens by addressing the shortage of allied health professionals, especially in geriatrics, and by exposing students to allied health care professions and issues in aging.