Camp College - A CHAH Summer Tradition

From July 15-17, CHAH high schoolers attended Camp College, a 3-day weekend where the kids lived in the residence halls at Canisius College.  They attended lectures by college professors and participated in workshops about admissions and financial aid. Students also took a trip to Niagara Falls!

A member of this year's senior class, Maria Velez, said "Camp College is definitely something you need to experience if you are planning on going away for college."  She added that "the best part of the weekend was definitely the classes you take with the professor.  They give you an idea of how the college classes will be."

Incoming junior, Yocasta Fanas admitted that college requires a bit of selfishness, explaining that "I learned that when it comes to your future, you'd have to be selfish and make choices that will always benefit you."

Senior Justyn Santana said that, "Camp College is something i would really recommend for next year's upcoming seniors and juniors.  It was a huge success."