CHAH's 'Environmental Protectors' March in DC!

This past Saturday, CHAH students marched in the People's Climate March in our nation’s capital!   CHAH students had an eventful and exciting full day trip to Washington DC, where they marched to raise awareness about climate change. 

Students prepared for the event by learning about climate change in a series of articles and video clips in their ELA class, writing about what they have learned, and by investigating the advocacy of several youth activists. 

They designed their own t-shirts with a group logo containing their self-selected group name, The CHAH Environmental Protectors, wrote a slogan representing their stance on climate change, and created a graphic design supporting their position.

Then on April 29th, the day of the People's Climate March, twenty CHAH students met at 5:45 in the morning to board a bus and head to our nation's capital to march for their cause. They enjoyed leading the other protesters in chants in Spanish and English. The 90-degree heat was brutal, but the organization that hosted them, The Food and Farm Justice Hub, kept everyone well hydrated and well fed at all times.

The march ended at the White House, and after some quick photo ops, we turned back around for the long bus ride back to New York City, arriving home at 10pm after a very long and exhausting, but fulfilling day. 

March on, CHAH Environmental Protectors!